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Peaceful Scents Candles Benefits

Warm, Mood Setting Aromas

Treating yourself to an enticing aroma can have a powerful effect on your mood. Couple that with the soft glow from its flickering flame and you can really set an ambience. Whether you want to unwind from a stressful day or just get the day off to a pleasant start, candles provide a simple luxury that anyone can afford.

No Harmful Toxins To Inhale

Why burn candles that emit toxins and large amounts of soot into the air when you don’t have to? Have a worry free experience with clean burning, vegetable wax candles. For more detailed info on the difference between paraffin and soy wax see our wax comparison.


Longer Burn Times Than Paraffin

Vegetable wax burns cooler and longer than paraffin wax. This means you get more value out of every candle you burn. To get the longest burn times from the candles, be sure to trim the wick to a 1/4 inch before every lighting, and keep the flame away from drafts.

Water Soluble Wax (For Easy Clean-up)

Paraffin wax is oil based therefore making it almost impossible to clean up thoroughly from many surfaces. Vegetable wax is water soluble making clean up much easier in comparison. Whether you’re trying to clean up a spill or clean out the jar to use as a container, warm soapy water is usually all you will need.

Scent Consistency From Top To Bottom

The scent that goes in a candle is very expensive. Some candle manufacturers put a higher percentage of scent in the top layer of wax in order to sell the candle when smelled at the store. We do not top off our candles with wax that is more heavily scented. Our candles have the same amount of scent on the very bottom as they do on the top.

Good For Environment And U.S. Economy

Burning vegetable wax candles enables you to help U.S. farmers by giving them more options and more demand for their crops. At the same time, you play a part in helping to lessen our nation’s dependence on foreign oil while using a renewable resource. It may seem like a small thing, but according to the National Candle Association, there are 2.3 billion dollars spent on candles each year in the U.S. and the vast majority of those candles are made with paraffin (which is made from petroleum). With fewer toxins being expelled, more demand for farmers’ crops, and a renewable natural resource, Peaceful Scent Candles are healthy for you, the environment, and the U.S. economy.

Peace Of Mind

Enjoying an ambience while having peace of mind is what our candles are all about. Peace of mind that the air you’re breathing is clean. Peace of mind that you’re burning a renewable resource instead of a product made from petroleum. Peace of mind that cleanup will be easier should the need arise. Peace of mind in the event that it’s ingested by small children. Finally, peace of mind that you’re enjoying a good value and a socially responsible product manufactured in America.