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Relaxing and Balancing Techniques

In Traditional Chinese reflexology, various points on the foot correspond to various parts of the body and mind. So the simple act of massaging your feet bring a sense of wellness to your entire being.

Balance Yourself

  • Inhale essential oils in deeply and exhale completely. Feel your anxieties begin to fade.
  • To loosen muscles and joints, rotate your feet in circles, clockwise and counter clockwise, five times each. Then point and flex your feet, five times each. Pressing with the pads of your fingers, slowly massage eo's in small circles around the ankle bones.
  • Make a loose fist and with knuckles- firmly massage eo's into the soles of your feet in small circular motions. Start with the heels, which corresponds to the upper body, and end with your toes, which correspond to the head.
  • With index finger and thumb, massage each toe separately with eo's starting at the base and moving to the tip. Then press the base of the toes. Finally, pinch the tip of each toe and release.

Balance Others

  • Relaxation begins even before the massage. Encourage your partner to comfortably sit back in a chair, inhale the balancing aroma of eo's and exhale completely.
  • If you feel good, your partner will feel better. So, before you begin your massage, rest your hands on your partners shoulders and take a deep breath yourself. Exhale completely to release tension and help you focus on the present.
  • Most of us carry tension in our shoulders, so if you are relieving stress consider concentrating on this area. Massage eo's into skin using using circular gliding motions. As the muscle relaxes, continue to breath deeply and use deeper kneading strokes.
  • For tender areas, use faster circular motions that gently massage the tissue underneath the skin (as opposed to the surface). Finish with circular gliding strokes that leave your partner feeling at peace with the world.
Essential Oil Benefits