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Lotion: I use this lotion on my face and noticed my rosea improved, I don't even see it anymore. I have very dry skin in the winter.
Miltona, MN

Sugar Scrubs: I use the Orange-Vanilla sugar scrub on my face...My skin is so dry and this scrub makes my face so soft and moisturized.
Mora, MN

Peony solid perfume: I like it because it is subtle but it lasts a long time and it moisturizes instead of drying like my alcohol based fragrances do. I feel comfortable putting it anywhere.
I love the smell, it is uplifting. :)
I love how I smell.
I am excited to give gifts this mothers day because everyone always receives
your products with such joy and appreciation. A common thread among women is
the unique and wonderful scents.
Amber, CA

Candles: I have to tell you that your candles are now my very favorite ones. And I am a candle freak, so I will probably be ordering from you alot...!!!
I used to burn every brand of candle imaginable...Yankee, Party Lite, Tyler...you name it. Now, all I burn are yours! I love them

Thanks so much,

Lip balm: Thank you for sending all your products, I like the aloe in your lip balm. I get alot of things with aloe in it. Thank you
Bemidji, MN

Muscle Rub: About the Muscle Rub
I feel it working..Thanks..
Spring Lake Park, MN

Candles: I like the fact the candles are soy wax and no lead in the wick.
They smell so good...She said more more more..
The products are fabulous!!!
Thank you!!!
Saugus, CA

Face Cream: Both my mom and my sister love your face cream and so do I. I put it on before going to bed last evening and my face is really smooth today. I can't wear it in the day as my makeup rubs off too easily. I need my eyebrows as I have none!
Blaine, MN

Cuticle Cream: The cuticle cream is amazing - I had to try that one right away.
Thanks, Kim for more great stuff!
Carolyn, CA

Sugar Scrub, Bath Salt & Lotion: The sugar scrub (I have the Patchouli) is awesome as well as the Lime Crazy Bath Salt. Patchouli and Frankincense& Myrrh body cream are delicious in texture & moisturizing.
Fergus Falls, MN

All products: Thanks again for more wonderful products!
Carolyn, CA