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Water Crystals were originally developed to help soil retain water in drought conditions because they are able to retain 400 times their weight in water and expand into clear gel crystals.

Enhance your life will the wonderful smells of your favorite scents! Use these in every room of your home, in the car, at the office. Great for dorms. retirement homes and places that do not allow candles. Even near the kitty litter box!

All of our Fragrance Jellies have perforated lids to prevent spillage and spread the scent around.

Very Cherry Fragrance Jellie

The aroma of fresh tart red cherries.

9 oz.

Pomegranate Fragrance Jellie

Precious pomegranate seeds permeate this exotic citrus scent. Crisp and complex, this fruit is sure to awaken your senses.

9 oz.

Almond Fragrance Jellie

A bitter sweet nuance tantalizes your senses with the sensational fragrance of elegant almonds.

9 oz.

Cinnamon - Clove Room Spray


This cinnamon, clove and sweet vanilla spray brings about a sense of comfort and family when sprayed in the room.

Cinnamon and clove both have anti-bacterial properties.

8 oz.


Aromatherapy in the home

Glossary of Key Ingredients