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New items! (Photo's Coming Soon!)
Please see Peaceful Scents FaceBook Page for recent Photos.
Peaceful Scents "Face Book" page

Artisan Soaps - Tall Soaps - Grapefruit-Cherry-Peach-Strawberry, Oatmeal Milk & Honey. Regular size - Black Raspberry Vanilla, Georgia Peach, Fresh Bamboo, Strawberry Cream, Lemon Cream Cake, Sea Breeze, Volcano
Muscle Rub Lotion (great to pair with Muscle Rub Balm
Tinted Lip Balms - Pineapple-Tangerine-Grapefruit, Grape, Strawberry Cream
Lip Balms - Peppermint, Eucalyptus-Peppermint, Butter Pecan, Vanilla
Solid Cuticle Creams/Solid Lotion - Lemongrass-Eucalyptus
Pump Lotions - Coconut-Lime, Spearmint-Eucalyptus, Lily of the Valley
Jar Lotions - Cherry-Almond
Large Bath Bombs - Sea Breeze, Sore Muscle Bomb, Lemongrass-Eucalyptus
Glycerin Soaps - Bay Rum, Lilac
Room Spray - Cinnamon & Clove
Whipped Soap - Sweet Berry Lemonade
Perfume Oils - Peony, Lilac, Oh Sugar
Bath Salt Tubes - Rosemary-Mint

Peaceful Scents "Face Book" page

Therapeutic Pillows
These are flax filled therapeutic pillows. Made with cotton fabric and are flannel lined to keep them warm or chilled longer. They come in Lavender, Peppermint & Unscented. You just pop them in the microwave or freezer & place them where you need them. Dimensions: 10" x 4.25".

Old Fashioned soaps

Loofah Soaps-
Lilac (purple), Mint-Eucalyptus (green) & Love Drakkar (blue), Citrus Cream (orange) discontinued.

New solid lotions in deoderant tubes
100% natural-no preservatives, great for elbows, feet, knees, etc.


Massage Candles
Made from 100% pure FDA food grade soy wax.

Create a spa experience in the comfort of your own home with our many exclusively formulated personal care products that work synergistically to hydrate and nourish the body from the outside in.

A tonic for your total being, surround yourself in the relaxing aura of aromatherapy - you deserve it. Many combinations and essential oils with legendary therapeutic powers that have been around for thousands of years.

We have many lovely gifts for everyone in the family

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